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Why business houses prefer dedicated servers?


A unique facility:

In today’s business world speed always matters and this is true even in the case of online business. For example a person is always willing to visit a website which is fast rather than spending time on a site that is slow in response. Keeping this in view, business houses prefer to employ fast servers for their online business. They look for a reputed webhosting agency like cyberhostpro which has the fastest and most reliable server. As a matter of fact, the dedicated server hosting UK provide such a unique service that more and more business houses have started availing this facility from these reputed webhosting agencies.

Servers of varying capabilities and features:

In short, dedicated server is renting a server from the hosting agency exclusively for your use. You have the complete domain over the specific server and you can even load any software and other data related to your business on this specific server. The dedicated server hosting Manchester provides various types of servers like for example dual core, quad core and so on. Each of these servers has varied features and capabilities and you can choose the server depending on the volume of your business and your budget. For example, if you prefer to hire a 2 X Quad Core server, then you will be eligible for 32 GB RAM. As the very name specifies, this is a 2 X Quad Core processor and hosting agency will provide you with 4  X  1 TB hard disk space. This server has 2.39 Ghz processor.  You will also be provided with 1 Gbit uplink. You will be entitled to full access and for this you can use Remote sensing Desktop or SSH. Similar to this, the hosting agency will provide you other servers with varying capabilities.

Efficient technical support:

In addition to providing the dedicated server, the dedicated server hosting London will also provide licensed version of Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition CPU, licensed Plesk having 10000 or unlimited domains, WHM or Cpanel and Cloud Linux. Of course, Cloud Linux is an ‘add on’ utility to Centos OS so as to provide additional security for your dedicated server. All these additional utilities will be available against nominal charges. The hosting will also protect your server against hackers and spyware. You can even reboot the server without having any recourse to the hosting agency. The hosting agency will also undertake to provide you accesses to your server 24 X 7 X 365. If you get into any difficulty in operating these dedicated servers, you can take the help of abundantly qualified and experienced technicians who will be willing to provide any type of assistance that you require.

Visit the website of the hosting agency:

The client can make use of the server on monthly rental basis. As already said many business houses have derived enormous benefits by hiring the dedicated servers from these reputed hosting agencies. The server provides you enormous independence and this is considered to be one of the most crucial issues in the realm of hiring dedicated servers. You may visit the website of any of the hosting agency to know more about the services available in regard to hiring the dedicated server.

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